lakshana-recipes: Beetroot chutney II

     I turned into thinking whether or not including tomatoes in beetroot chutney will taste top or not. But while i tasted one of these chutney i agreed certainly its yummy. I were given this recipe from my periamma and would really like to share it with every one.

  • Beetroot - 2 (finely chopped or shredded)
  • Onions - 2 (identical to beetroot)
  • Tomato - 4
  • Coconut - 2 handful
  • Curry leaves - few
  • Green chillies - 10
  • Urad dal - 1 - 2 tbsp
  • Asafoetida - 1/four tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil as required

  • Microwave the chopped beetroot for 10 minutes.
  • Heat oil to the pan on excessive medium flame.
  • Add the beetroot & fry properly. Hold it aside.
  • Fry the onions & then tomatoes. 
  • In the separate kadai add a few oil & roast urad dal, curry leaves, inexperienced chillies, asafoetida and subsequently coconut.
  • Cool & grind the whole thing collectively to easy chutney.
  • This is going properly with idly or dosa.

Tips for the recipe - For extra taste you may do the seasoning with urad dal, curry leaves & asafoetida. You can do this simply earlier than serving. 

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