Freeze Yourself

- Monday, August 12, 2019
Freeze Yourself

Feel the spice below the ice!   Not only it upholds a minus ten-level fever throughout the entire year but also has sculptures such as the Statue of Liberty to maintain the exceptional artwork and audio stage totally captivating.  The couch has its own secluded pub and Ice Kitchen which function grilled to BBQ bites to tantalize your taste buds.  The bartender with his finesse and understanding will be happy to assist you with a few impressive concoctions.  And wonderful surroundings with purple and blue colors add a lot of flicker to this incredibly freezing experience.  Trust is the significance of  'on the stones ' will alter forever, as soon as you become familiar with the novelty.

Freeze!  The funds' greatest ice pub promises to provide a quaver of glow to each soul that dares to become sexy, a place where hot lips create an imprint onto the ice eyeglasses, steaming sizzlers are served on most platters plus a minus ten-level temperature is flexed to ooze out each baffle.

Nowhere on the planet, are these an extensive menu of meals being served in an ice bar.  The newest freeze is living and welcomes you to a special mixture of art, music, and taste.

Addressing those who yearn for this little warmth from the chillness is your freeze  10 degrees about the 2nd floor, is an out and out club zone that serves international cuisine with our superb specialty chefs.  It presents international cuisine with diverse selections together with presentations that are unique.

Freeze Yourself

Choose to unwind at Freeze  10 before entering a minus 10 level ice pub where snacks and beverages are served in ice glasses and also onto frost platters.  Freeze   10 serve all of the fantastic food that you 'd want at a nice steak restaurant, at a posh, laid back setting.  Freeze intends to live directly on your heart with all the food, ambiance and songs it gives.  The menu comprises fine steaks but in addition supplies home-cooking favorites using an exceptional Oil-Free Cuisine.

Located directly above the Ice pub, Freeze   10 includes a complete bar of its own with comprehensive facilities for private parties and occasions.  The restaurant's warm inviting atmosphere is the best location to get a fast snack, a romantic meal, or an enjoyable meeting place.

Freeze Yourself

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