Supplying Lavazza Ground Coffee from the Seashore

- Sunday, August 11, 2019
Supplying Lavazza Ground Coffee from the Seashore

Forget selling seashells; for years I've desired to have a tiny coffee house near the beach, in a calm little town full of sailors and out-of-towners.  I imagine the morning light as the sun rises over the sea, as the very first odor of Lavazza floor coffee starts to waft on the afternoon breeze.  Even the seagulls whirling, searching to their breakfast, remind me with a grin of my dedicated daily clients, still not entirely awake and looking for their particular morning repair.

The location is enjoyable and minimal, found in a restored arrangement that formerly adapted businesses of a much more sea-faring personality.  Maybe it had been the offices of their communities transport retailer, or maybe the haunt of a neighborhood tavern that filled the nights with sea chanteys and stories of brave Ulysses.  It's fascinating to wonder since I begin another day in heaven, serving up Lavazza floor coffee together with hot croissants and cinnamon buns.

These ancient clients would be the die-hards; java is a necessity to start their eyes up, and they enjoy the moment of the first taste.

Supplying Lavazza Ground Coffee from the Seashore

Since my store is located near the entry of some quaint  "village" of gift stores, restaurants and traveler outfitters, the next stream of customers is composed mostly of shopkeepers and their workers, dropping by to get a brief little local news together with their own Lavazza ground coffee to proceed.  They linger but fast hurry on their way to start a store and prepare themselves for the following evening of retail job.

Shortly after in the early hours, the pace slows and the clients that come through the door are somewhat sunburnt, a few giddy with all the eagerness of being on vacation, others completely relaxed after having spent only a couple of days from the sea atmosphere.    Together with Lavazza ground coffee in their hands, and dishes full of freshly-baked treats, and they move to the tables back from the duck pond and settle down to relish the present time.

The off-season is that the time period I love best; since the tourists (and their money ) are temporarily on break, the natives have more accessibility to converse, to catch up following the summer period, and to actually enjoy the beauty of the preferred house from the sea, even while we sip our Lavazza ground coffee.  The atmosphere is cooler today in the evenings, the silver-white clouds scudding by like looking for their refuge.  Nonetheless, the sunlight comes through because the fog burns off, and the day promises to heat as the clock progresses toward day.

Supplying Lavazza Ground Coffee from the Seashore

An excellent day in heaven starts using Lavazza ground coffee in my small coffee shop by the ocean.  Funny how clearly I can see it the store, the wooden seats on the porch, the duck pond at the rear, the loving and pleasant faces of my friends out of town, who enjoy a fantastic cup of java and a fantastic conversation as far as I do.



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